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The strength of my career development approach is a three part strategy for you to identify and implement a career you will love.

Minda Redburn career counselor philosophy and approach.We start with an in-depth self-assessment that will help you create a clear, specific picture of your ideal work. I use a variety of tools to identify your values, interests, skill sets, core coping strategies, and preferred capacities. When you can see your own qualities, strengths, and passions, it makes it easy to choose satisfying work that fits who you uniquely are.

In addition, I provide personal and psychological counseling to help you work through things that may be getting in the way of your career success and satisfaction.  Career challenges are sometimes a reflection of personal or psychological difficulties, rather than the cause of them.  Deeper issues may be at play in your life, and could be frustrating your efforts to enjoy and be successful at your work.

My whole-person approach to career development will help you address any internal or behavioral obstacles to your career fulfillment.  We’ll work together to help you be more effective in your current and future work situations, and help you find ways to manage difficult relationships with employees, co-workers, and bosses. As you strengthen your self-confidence, you can move forward easily into focused action. My goal is for you to feel happy and satisfied in your life, and to be successful and effective in the work you choose to do.

As a trained Life Coach, I also provide structure and accountability to help you stay on track until you reach your goals.  I will teach you practical skills and strategies to explore the job market. Then I’ll help you implement a successful job search. We’ll work together on the nuts and bolts of networking, writing resumes, preparing for interviews, and negotiating salary.  Or you may decide to launch a new business venture. You will learn how to pull together what you’ve learned about yourself, with what you want for your career, and then to take steps to make it happen.

The Self-Discovery Process

My commitment is to help you uncover and build on the strengths and gifts that already exist inside you. I use a variety of interesting, creative activities and exercises to actively involve you in your own “heart-and-head” self-discovery process.

Powerful Career Assessment Tools

  • Enneagram personality system to identify your primary assets and challenges from the core strategies that drive your behavior and personality style
  • Work history to identify your skill sets and clarify your criteria for ideal work
  • Values mapping to articulate your personal guiding principles for work and life
  • Myers-Briggs Expanded Analysis to bring key strengths and stressors into focus
  • Strong & Campbell Interest Inventories to identify important career interests and job options

If you are ready to start your new career, get started with me as your new career counselor.

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